Why Should I Participate in Online Counseling?

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With the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020, the face of therapy has changed rapidly. The availability of in-person services has taken a dip, as most practitioners have transitioned to virtual therapy. According to a survey conducted by the American Psychiatric Association, over three quarters of clinicians are servicing clients exclusively via a remote platform. 

This change, though abrupt, discourages the spread of Coronavirus without neglecting mental health treatment. While the shift seems convenient for individuals and clinicians, how does it impact family counseling services?

When we hear “teletherapy,” most people will build a mental picture of a therapist on the screen and one client on the other end. This transition may be effortless for a single person, but it’s going to look different when multiple people are on the receiving end of treatment. If you are having doubts about the effectiveness of online family counseling services, read on to learn about the issues that can be addressed through remote services, as well as the efficacy and benefits to online family counseling.

Family-Related Issues that Counseling Can Help With

Like most American families, you may feel stress building from being cooped up with your family in a house that seems to feel smaller by the day. Other factors may be compounding that stress, whether it be long stretches of strict quarantine or loss of loved ones to the virus.

All families have their difficulties, but the past year may have felt like the final straw in maintaining family bonds. There is no shame in seeking professional help to restore a sense of peace in your household, and your loved ones are likely to thank you for your initiative. After all, this situation is likely stress-inducing for them as well.

Along with coronavirus-related stress, anxiety and the onset of isolation depression, online family counseling can help with many other issues. Some other concerns that could be addressed in family therapy include grief, mood disorders, financial stress, substance use and eating disorders, relationship issues, divorce and other life transitions. If one or several of these areas are impacting your family, now’s the time to get involved with online counseling.

Benefits to Family Online Counseling

If you’ve never heard of Family Systems Theory, here’s something to consider. According to The Center for Family Systems Theory, psychiatrist Murray Bowen posited that each individual is greatly impacted on an emotional level by his or her family unit. Within a family unit, patterns and bonds form so that each person’s behavior directly impacts the behavior, and therefore wellness, of another. 

Online family counseling offers all the same benefits of family counseling in an office setting, along with some exclusive perks. The counseling your family will receive is of the same caliber as in-person services, meaning that your mental health professional has the same education and credentials as you could expect from an in-person counselor.

The content of your sessions will remain equivalent to face-to-face services, as will the treatment plan. When you begin online counseling with your family, your counselor will devise a treatment plan with both individual and familial goals that will reflect the same method and end goal of treatment as you would find in the office setting. Despite the screen between you and your healthcare provider, your family’s counselor will practice in much the same way as he or she would if they were sitting in your living room.

While you’re participating in online counseling, you can expect some extra benefits. First, there’s no commute! No more dragging the kids to the car with a shout of “I need to go to the bathroom!” as you’re finally pulling out of the driveway. Remote family counseling saves you the hassle of the drive. Feel free to use the time you would have spent driving to instead relax as a family.

You’re also going to enjoy the convenience and availability of the virtual platform. Chances are with so many people converting to online school or work that someone in your family is tech-savvy. Even if you’re no computer genius, logging into your provider’s video-chat should be a breeze. The requirements for set-up are minimal as well, as most devices (phones, laptops) have the capacity to use teletherapy platforms.

The large-scale transitions required to adapt to a worldwide pandemic and the resulting stress and anxiety have thrown most American families for a loop. If the stress of the last year has impacted your family in any way, now is the best time to get started with online family counseling.

To get your family set up with the support you deserve, visit Pyramid Online Counseling, or call (833) 525-3077 to get started today.

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