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You deserve a treatment plan as unique as you are. That’s why our clinicians utilize person-first treatment plans, which help you take advantage of treatment modalities best suited for your individual needs.

The below treatment methods provide a variety of benefits, and can help you get back on your feet no matter the issues you’re facing. Learn to manage medication, pursue recovery and embrace a support system that wants to see you succeed, all through the following treatment modalities – and others we offer at Pyramid Online Counseling.

Self-destructive thoughts can quickly become harmful actions. If you’re looking for help in addressing destructive or unhelpful thoughts, CBT can help. We offer CBT programming that helps you identify the connections between your unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Challenging and changing your thinking supports your mood and behavior change.

Through DBT, our clinicians can help you address adverse thought and behavior patterns before they escalate. Learn to challenge these negative impulses and replace them with rewarding alternatives. Used with individual counseling, group therapy and other programs, DBT helps you validate emotions without allowing them to overly control your actions.

Running away from problems or emotions only serves to delay, or worsen, problems. Through ACT, our clinicians can help you learn to embrace your thoughts and feelings, easing and ending guilt you might feel. You’ll develop psychological flexibility – through a combination of mindfulness and self-acceptance – as you learn to face the challenges you once ran from.

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Our certified online counselors and psychiatrists are accustomed to helping you address and overcome a wide variety of life’s challenges. In particular, Pyramid Online Counseling provides patient care for all of the following conditions:

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