Telehealth is Still Relevant and Important

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When the lockdowns were in place, telehealth was often the only option for healthcare, and many of us have become very comfortable with it.

Now that in-person medical visits have resumed, many people are shifting away from telehealth appointments. There is no right or wrong way to receive the care you need; for some, in-person counseling is the answer, and for others, continuing their telehealth services is what’s going to serve them best.

Let’s take a closer look at how telehealth is still relevant in a post-lockdown world and discuss the benefits and advantages of telehealth for individuals such as yourself.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth, also sometimes referred to as telemedicine, is the process of delivering various healthcare services and treatments through technological means, including video conferencing, phone calls, remote monitoring and other virtual communication tools.

Telemedicine enables your healthcare provider to care for and support you without requiring you to spend the time and energy to physically go to a doctor’s or therapist’s office. For those with mobility issues, vulnerable health issues or who are simply wanting to avoid germ exposure that comes with in-person visits, it’s a popular option.

While this is a preferred form of treatment for many people, others are reluctant to try it, often because they’re unaware of all of the benefits that come with using telehealth.

Benefits of telehealth

There are many benefits of choosing to enroll in telehealth medicine, most of which will depend on your personal circumstances, exactly what you’re receiving treatment for, as well as your personal preferences around that treatment.

The top benefits of telehealth include:

  • Being more cost-effective
  • Potentially being more comfortable
  • Easier and more frequent access
  • Less exposure to other illnesses
  • Faster answers to questions and concerns
  • Safer and more frequent monitoring of older adults at home

Some of these benefits may have been more obvious when telemedicine was the primary or only form of healthcare available, but now that in-person visits have resumed, many people are wondering if it’s worth it to continue their telehealth services.

For many people, it is.

Why use telehealth when in-person visits are available?

It’s completely dependent upon each individual whether telehealth or in-person doctor’s visits are the right choices for their needs and recovery goals, but there are several reasons why a person might opt for telehealth.

The most common reason is convenience. With telehealth services, patients can receive the care they need from the comfort of their own homes, which can be especially beneficial to those who live a significant distance away from medical facilities or who have transportation issues. Telehealth is also convenient for people who work full-time, have obstacles taking time off, or work unorthodox schedules. 

Another reason is the expanded access to specialists. Without being limited by location, telehealth enables patients to choose from a wider variety of specialists and treatment options.

Additionally, telehealth is often the best option for patient outcomes and provider efficiency. Patients have greater access to regular communication with their healthcare providers, and providers can more efficiently manage their patient treatments and information.

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