At Pyramid Online Counseling, we’re forever committed to helping you address the challenges you face. Our encrypted online platform allows you to connect virtually with a counselor and get the help you need from the comfort of your own home.

In pairing specific treatment options with the conditions you face, we help you consistently meet life’s trials. We offer a wide variety of recognized treatment options - including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy and clinical intervention - to help you regain self-confidence and return to a life you love. Online counseling services are successful in treating a wide range of behavioral health issues, including anxiety and stress, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues and more.

Take the first step toward a healthier, happier you today when you trust licensed online counselors to help you understand and overcome life’s problems.

Finding online counseling that’s right for you

The treatment you need

Pyramid Online Counseling offers a wide variety of treatment methods, each respectively successful in helping you address and improve your quality of life. These treatment modalities include:

We directly address the challenges you face

Our certified online counselors are accustomed to helping you address and overcome a wide variety of life’s challenges. In particular, Pyramid Online Counseling provides patient care for all of the following conditions:


What is Pyramid Online Counseling?

Pyramid Online Counseling is your destination for all your virtual behavioral health needs. We want to be the resource that you can tap into at your convenience.

Who are the counselors?

Our team of counselors are master’s level clinicians who have a professional license to provide services in the state(s) in which they are licensed. They have a wide range of experience in a variety of treatment settings and are ready to provide quality services to those in need.

What licenses or credentials do the Pyramid Online Counselors have?

Our team of counselors have received their clinical license in the state(s) in which they are interested in providing services. Some of our counselors may also have other credentials including, but not limited to, certifications for addiction treatment and trauma-informed care.

How much does online counseling cost?

Once your health insurance benefits are verified, our team will be able to discuss the cost of services for you.

Is Pyramid Online Counseling covered by insurance?

As a part of the benefits verification process, our team will determine if your services are covered by your insurance plan.