Robert Plotkin

Vice President of Operations
Rob has over 30 years of behavioral health experience, having worked both as a clinician for employee assistance programs and as President and CEO of Social Work prn and Arcadian Telepsychiatry, LLC. Rob is experienced with technology-enabled behavioral health companies and managed a nationwide network of telemental health providers.

He is a consultant to behavioral health companies on telehealth and integrated care. He developed one of the first National TeleEAP networks and contracted with large national, regional and local employee assistance programs and insurance companies.

Rob received the 2016 healthcare entrepreneur of the year award from Philadelphia Newspapers.

He received his MSW from Temple University. He also has an MBA from Drexel University. Rob is a portrait artist and an author, and just published his first novel, Once I Knew You.

Emily Lucas

Marketing Representative
Emily is passionate about serving people and has been working as a human services professional for over 15 years. She is committed to connecting as many people to treatment services as possible. She started her journey at Pyramid Healthcare in the Onward Behavioral Health call center in 2013. She has since worked in a variety of leadership positions, managing both the Immediate Response and Referrals Management Teams.

She places measurable value on maximizing the use of the Pyramid continuum of care by developing corporate internal referral systems. Emily oversaw the growth of the Silver Line admissions team as they expanded from regional to national support services.

She studied Sociology at the University of Utah and maintains ongoing interest in topics related to systemic inequality. Emily is pleased to utilize her commitment to serve as a peer to other professionals and is dedicated to being an ongoing resource for clients, their families and treatment partners as a representative for Pyramid Healthcare.


We are always looking for qualified, compassionate, licensed clinicians to join our team. If you are committed to our mission of “identifying human service needs and creating solutions for individuals and families that result in positive growth and a better quality of life,” please visit our recruitment page for more information.