Navigating Divorce with the Aid of Online Counseling

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Numerous situations in life are made better when there’s a listening ear to help you process your own thoughts and feelings. Divorce is no exception. When everything at home is thrown into unrest because of a pending or finalized divorce, it can be difficult to find ease and peace of mind. The truth is, divorce involves two people who are struggling with many emotions, and potentially conflicting and confusing feelings. When it comes to appropriately managing this confusion, turning to someone with experience and expertise in the form of online divorce counseling can introduce clarity, peace and resolution into a potentially devastating time. 

Divorce counseling accomplished online

Divorce counseling can be utilized in two different scenarios. In the first, the couple has already filed for divorce and is seeking closure, but need help in figuring out the details of finances, child custody and living arrangements. Involving a counselor in these discussions can help prevent exhausting court battles and allow both parties to come to a peaceful resolution. The second scenario involves couples considering divorce, but who haven’t officially filed yet. In this situation, a counselor offers a place where the couple can work through their disagreements and explore the possibility of saving their marriage through healthy conflict-resolution. 

Regardless of what stage a couple finds themselves in, the involvement of a counselor can give the couple someone with whom to work through the emotional and mental struggles of divorce. A counselor can provide alternative solutions to fighting and offer new perspectives or insights the couple might not have previously considered. 

Divorce counseling covers many difficulties which can arise in a marriage, such as communication problems, intimacy struggles, differences in parenting, mental illness, lack of commitment or infidelity. These, and other issues, are hard to handle and sometimes even harder to talk about. The benefit of counseling is another listening ear with a new perspective. Divorce counselors will not only provide a safe space where the couple can voice their feelings, but will help the couple learn more about themselves and each other and determine the path they want to walk in the future.

Additionally, if children are involved in the divorce process, they’re experiencing its effects just as much as the couple. Children tend to feel confusion, frustration, abandonment and even guilt when their parents divorce, which are complicated emotions for a child to effectively process on their own. Family divorce counseling offers help to not just the parents, but to their children, so everyone is given the tools they need to work through the situation. The children are provided with the support and the mental tools they need to understand and healthily cope with the divorce.

Online vs in-person divorce counseling

So what’s the difference between in-person and online counseling? Fundamentally, online divorce counseling, or teletherapy, is the same in form and function as in-person counseling. The same methods are used by the counselor, and the family or couple receives the same level of care and help. The difference simply lies in the medium through which counseling occurs. Couples can simply sit in front of their computer screen and talk with a professional counselor the same way they would if they were in a therapy room. Additionally, online counseling offers the convenience of not having to leave the home. This provides services to couples who either have a long commute to the counseling center or who find it more convenient for their schedule to remain at home. 

In-person counseling can be an intimidating experience for some, but this is completely done away with through online counseling. By creating a comfortable space in one’s own home, it’s easy for couples to feel more comfortable talking with a counselor via teletherapy.  

The care you need 

At Pyramid Online Counseling, our staff of licensed counselors extend the right combination of compassion and professional therapy. Experiences like divorce are certainly not fun; they are not enjoyable and can cause grief and trauma in the long run. Therefore, when facing divorce, it’s important to know when it’s time to reach out for help and to be fully confident in the quality of help being given. Schedule an appointment today when you visit us online, or call 833-525-3077 for more information on integrating online counseling into your current schedule.

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