Incorporating Activities to Manage Stress Naturally Into Your Daily Life

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It goes without saying that taking prescribed medication for physical and mental health conditions is a healthy and commendable practice. While there is always a time and a place for medication, some people feel that they would prefer to pursue more natural healing, first.

How to manage stress naturally

There are plenty of stress management activities that don’t involve taking medication. If you’re interested in decreasing your dose or cutting out drugs altogether, here are some practices to add to your day to decrease stress.


There are countless benefits to regular physical exercise for both your physical and mental health. According to Mayo Clinic, frequently increasing your heart rate can help you manage your weight, combat health complications like strokes and depression, improve your mood, grant better sleep and so much more.

Eat well

Some of the best stress management activities are those that include healthy food habits, like cooking, meal planning and growing your own food. Putting energy towards eating right is enjoyable and it’s good for you.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists several perks of sustainable, healthy diets. Benefits of nutritious eating include strengthened immunity, stronger bones and muscles, improved digestive functioning and decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Practice gratitude

According to an article in the National Institute of Health’s newsletter, practicing gratitude on a daily basis can improve your mood and decrease stress. There are many ways to cultivate and express a spirit of thankfulness, like writing down positive moments during the day or savoring experiences as they are happening.


Similar to growing in gratitude, taking time to reflect on both the good and the bad can help you decrease stress. So often we can feel like we’re racing through life without pausing to consider the full picture of our lives, and a few minutes of reflection, meditation or prayer can help us to slow down and decrease stress.

Use essential oils

Essential oils are used for numerous purposes, many for inducing a sensation of calmness. A study in the International Journal of Nursing Practice found that using essential oils can help to reduce workplace stress for several days. Try scents like lavender, lemon and frankincense to promote relaxation.

Drink less

While many people consider drinking caffeine and alcohol ways to calm their nerves, the truth is that these substances may cause more stress in the long run. Coffee is a stimulant, so although it can help you wake up in the morning, it can also increase stress and anxiety. Drinking alcohol to handle stress is never a healthy behavior.

Use natural supplements

One of the best tips for how to manage stress naturally is to use natural supplements, like Rhodiola Rosea, glycine and ashwagandha. Read up on natural supplements and their benefits on this resource page by the United States Department of Agriculture. 

Find emotional support through others

One of the easiest, most delightful stress management activities is spending time with loved ones. Hanging out with friends and family serves a twofold purpose— you’ll be able to vent and process stress and have a chance to remove yourself from the stressful scenarios while you pass the quality time together.

Consider an emotional support animal

Many people who find medication to be ineffective at helping them handle chronic stress are able to find more success with emotional support animals. According to the American Kennel Club, mental health professionals are actually able to prescribe support animals as a part of treatment.

Spend less time scrolling

While we may compulsively turn to our phones in times of stress in an effort to relax or escape discomfort, it’s more likely that constant access to social media is more harmful than good. Some apps like mindfulness practices and exercising tracking have sure perks, they can also be a gateway to unhealthy scrolling.

Set boundaries

Some of our stress can be prevented when we implement boundaries in our lives. It’s common that social relationships and our own lack of limits cause unnecessary issues, so reflect on the problems you’re facing and ways they can be reduced or eliminated in the future.

Cut your stream of news in half

While it’s important to be informed, watching and reading the news can be depressing. Try to eliminate half of the news you’re exposed to, or only pick one daily source of information. Fill that extra time with reading, meditation, prayer or a creative outlet.

Building up stress management activities

Figuring out how to manage stress naturally will take some time and experimentation, but soon you’ll have less stress and more fulfillment in your life. When you’re ready to make a change, Pyramid Online Counseling can help. Secure and professional services can help you set and reach goals in no time. Get help now.


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