How Counseling Can Address All Kinds of Relationship Issues

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Couple receiving counseling together

Humans are inherently social. We can’t help but connect to others and build communities and families wherever we go. Whether you believe it stems from a biological imperative or an emotional connection, it can’t be denied that we seek out connection to others.

Even so, being in a relationship is never a simple path. Every couple encounters ups and downs as they progress through different stages of life. It’s normal for romantic relationships to encounter conflict. In fact, it might be a red flag if a couple has never argued. And although these issues may seem like personal matters, enlisting the help of a professional counselor is one of the most mature decisions you can make as a pair to invest in your relationship.

Online counseling takes numerous forms, from individual counseling to couples or family counseling. Depending on your situation, one may be more appropriate than another. In this article, we’ll explore the different avenues for online relationship counseling and the benefits of each.

Counseling for relationships

Couples counseling takes place when a couple is dating and encounters issues that are negatively affecting the relationship. When a couple is committed to staying together and wants to pave the way for addressing issues in the long-term, couples counseling can help build a foundation of healthy communication patterns and mutual trust.

Online counseling allows couples to communicate openly about issues with the added advantage of having an objective third party in the mix. A counselor won’t take one person’s side in a disagreement, for several reasons. First, the couple probably wouldn’t return to a session if one person felt unheard. Also, the session wouldn’t be productive, as one person would likely become defensive and shut down.

In couples counseling, the counselor will listen to both parties and help to illuminate to the couple the other person’s perspective. They’ll ask questions and point out pros and cons to each side of the argument and let the couple come to their own resolution. In a way, the counselor will take both sides and let the couple process the options together.

Counseling for engaged couples

For couples who are engaged and preparing for a lifetime together, it’s important to already have strategies to share openly, compromise and look out for each other’s best interests. With an impending marriage comes many life changes: potential moves, joint finances and shared responsibility for each other.

Learning how to cope with challenges and still prioritize each other’s well-being takes some ground work. The period of engagement is an excellent opportunity to prepare not just for the wedding day, but for all the days that follow.

Counseling for engaged couples may include talking about some crucial life questions. Some things that may be brought up in online sessions could include talking about kids, career plans, financial planning and what you both want out of life as individuals and as a family. Regardless of your decisions, it’s important to talk them through at this stage in your relationship so you can manage expectations once you and your loved one are wed.

Counseling for married couples

While marriage has its fair share of fairytale moments, there are bound to be struggles, too. Having issues in marriage is to be expected. If a couple never has conflicts, it’s likely that one or both individuals are being passive about big topics. Expressing and discussing difficulties is important, and there’s no shame in asking for help.

Reaching out to start online counseling for your relationship may be one of the best choices you make in your marriage. Married couples have to make tough decisions every day, especially if kids are involved. Counseling can offer an outside perspective on issues that you’ve only considered from the inside.

Online counseling for marriage, like traditional in-person marriage counseling, will help you to assess how you’re doing as a spouse and what you can do to both compromise and benefit more in the relationship. Some topics you might discuss: How am I doing as a husband or wife? How am I doing as a parent? What can I do to show appreciation for you? How can we refocus on connecting emotionally?

Often at this stage in life, couples also want to reinvest in intimacy, both emotionally and physically. After spending years with someone, the blissful feeling may seem to have worn away, but counseling can help bring those sentiments back to the surface. Your counselor has worked to restore romance in dozens of relationships, yours could be next.

Counseling for divorced couples

Online counseling can also take the form of counseling for divorced couples. Counseling for divorced couples often happens during the process of a divorce or immediately after. Most often, this occurs when the couple has children and wants to work out disagreements around parenting or custody. Raising kids in two separate houses comes with a host of challenges, but they can all be overcome with the help of a professional counselor.

Divorced couples may also want to continue to work on their relationship. Whether they plan to reunite or simply want to be more civil with each other, divorce counseling can help to address the most contentious of issues and allow for both individuals to find healing. 

Online counseling for relationships has all of the pros of traditional counseling, without the hassle of commuting to an office. Taking advantage of the opportunity to invest in your relationship has never been more convenient. Even when things are going well in your relationship, you’ll find the communication strategies and trust that has built up in your sessions is well worth the time you spend in counseling.

Your relationship deserves support, and you may find yourself more in love than ever when you engage in online relationship counseling. Pyramid Online Counseling offers online counseling services for individuals, couples and families to address all kinds of relationship issues at different life stages.  Get started today when you reach out, or call 833-525-3077 for more information.

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