3 Powerful Benefits of Online Counseling for Students

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The idea of counseling can sound scary, especially for students who have never done it before. It may also worry them to think that they have to add another commitment to their already busy schedules. Counseling can actually provide some of the most benefit to students who are going through huge changes and periods of… continue reading »

How to Overcome Grief and Move Toward Healing

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Woman is packing things of her dead husband

The emotion of grief can be felt whenever there is a significant loss in a person’s life. That gut-wrenching feeling can be felt whether you experience the death of a loved one, divorce or a breakup, lose your job or go through a change in health. Regardless of the reason, the sorrow that follows a… continue reading »

Your Guide to Managing Work-Related Stress

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Silhouette of stressed businesswoman in the office.

Work-related stress is becoming more and more commonplace in our workplace culture. Overtime, high expectations, and limited staffing compounds this issue until it feels like it’s too much to bear. Take control over your work-related stress by following these tips. Use your vacation time One of the best ways of dealing with work-related stress and… continue reading »