“Thanks to the Telehealth service we were able to participate in both the PHP and IOP programs. The clinic is too far to drive to, so the online platform was perfect.” Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

“This is a great option for me as I don't drive & wouldn't be able to get this help if it weren't for telehealth.” Intensive Outpatient Program

“I think this should be the new way of doing counseling. It’s less stressful & more convenient to me as a patient.” Adult Individual Therapy

“For a person with social anxiety, the remote platform is much more comfortable for me.” Adult Partial Hospitalization Program

“I have loved using the telehealth services. It has been so convenient and very easy to use! I love this system!!!” Adult Outpatient Program

“Very satisfied that there is someone available to respond and address my child’s needs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

“I find this program to be a very positive and educational service. My counselors are professional and insightful. I wasn't sure what to expect in the beginning of my treatment but after a few weeks I couldn't see myself anywhere but here.” Adult Intensive Outpatient Program

“David is just absolutely wonderful. He is extremely understanding and he covers everything in the groups that are beneficial towards my recovery. And Pyramid is a wonderful program and I appreciate from the bottom of my heart how much help and support I’ve received. Especially from David.” Adult Intensive Outpatient Program

“Being able to do this online has sped my recovery up exponentially! I was struggling sharing one vehicle with my significant other, working full time, a full garden, and raising chickens. Being able to do this from home has taken away all of the added stress and allowed me to focus on my recovery.” Adult Intensive Outpatient Program

“The telehealth sessions have given me the ability to attend group sessions I would otherwise be unable to attend. It has also allowed me to continue my individual sessions with my counselor with my child being home with me due to the schools being closed. I hope you keep the telehealth services active after this pandemic is over to allow people who can’t make the meetings in person attend remotely.” Adult Individual Therapy

“I think using the telehealth services are so much easier than trying to get days off work to actually come into the clinic to do my appointment and having to miss work. The telehealth appointments make things a lot less stressful especially during recovery. I'm currently pregnant and have been having a lot of morning sickness so being able to talk to my counselor on telehealth has made this pregnancy a lot easier for me. I feel that the telehealth should continue because it makes things a lot easier for a lot of people especially people that have children at home already that find it hard to find babysitters to get off of work and to come into the clinic for 30 minutes to an hour every month.” Adult Individual Therapy

“I was averse to the idea of telemed appointments until this experience. I am finding this to be convenient and helpful. It has also helped me get past anxiety issues of interacting this way. I am truly grateful for the one on one with Alisha in person on online!” Adult Outpatient Program