Tom was born and raised in Erie, PA. He went to Penn State University, and married in 1991. Tom earned his master’s degree in 1995, got his CAC in 1985, and then his LPC in 2001. Tom doesn’t have any kids, not by choice, it’s just that none ever showed up. He and his wife, Karen, have had lots of pets over the years, including llamas, chickens and rabbits. They live on 5 acres that was his family home that he bought 18 years ago. Tom has rental units and a beautiful property to care for. He is a big DIY person. He has several antique cars and tropical fish that he tends to. Workwise, Tom has done counseling and probation work for 30 years. He has been involved in countless programming activities across the board, and is pretty well known in Erie’s social services circle. Tom was the Juvenile P.O. of the year for PA in 2016. He goes to the YMCA, rides his 4wheeler around the property, and is active in AA. Tom is retiring from probation work soon and is continuing to provide counseling as it has always been his favorite thing to do.