3 Powerful Benefits of Online Counseling for Students

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The idea of counseling can sound scary, especially for students who have never done it before. It may also worry them to think that they have to add another commitment to their already busy schedules. Counseling can actually provide some of the most benefit to students who are going through huge changes and periods of stress, but may not know how to deal with it all.

Online counseling in particular can help students with:

Coping with stress

School is difficult and stressful. As adults, we may have the tendency to discredit the stress that students go through, mostly unconsciously, because they don’t have to worry about the things we do like working full-time and paying the bills. Let’s think about this from the student’s perspective, though. They wake up early to go to school every day; if they’re in high school or younger than their entire day is planned for them, and if they’re in college then they’re figuring out how to structure their own days for the very first time. They take classes in several different subjects and have daily homework assignments from each of them. They prepare for tests and do group projects that make up a large portion of their grades. They are still trying to figure out how the world works while learning new things, forming and losing relationships, participating in sports or other extracurricular activities. They’re away from home working their first jobs, experiencing physical changes and sometimes dealing with mental health issues.

Add a weekly counseling appointment on top of that, and it’s quite easy for a student to feel overwhelmed. Online counseling fits nicely into the lives of busy students because it is more accessible and doesn’t require additional driving to a new location every week. Students will be able to attend counseling from the comfort of their own homes, which can make them feel more at ease both with the idea of counseling and the actual session. Counseling shouldn’t make them feel more stressed, so doing it from home makes it as easy and comfortable as possible.

Creating methods for keeping themselves on track

Students can quickly feel overwhelmed with all of their commitments, from school to studying to friends to extracurriculars and more. Some students are naturally skilled at using a planner and disciplining themselves, but other students need a bit of extra help in this regard. A counselor can work with the student to identify any blockers to their productivity or motivation and use that to inform a treatment plan. Treatment doesn’t necessarily need to mean medication, a student’s therapist may give them “homework” to try different productivity methods, write in a journal, make a to-do list and keep notes of what is working and what is not.

Counseling is also a great tool for teaching students accountability and responsibility. With their homework from counseling, students will learn how to be accountable not only to themselves but to another person. Their counselor will hold them to the commitments they made in the previous session and will check in on their progress. Although it is lower stakes than meeting expectations in school or at work, progress in counseling can be a sign of great progress in the future.

Adhering to a routine

Students do best when they have a reliable, predictable routine. Because online counseling can be done from home, it can easily fit in with their existing routine or be what motivates them to set a new one. Counseling is often done on a weekly basis, so it can be slotted in once the student gets home from school or before they leave for sports practice. Their counselor can also help the student to create a routine for all of their other activities while planning how to fit in homework, social obligations, self-care, and counseling homework.

Pyramid Online Counseling offers secure and confidential online counseling for students struggling to cope with stress, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. Reach out today at 833-525-3077 to learn how counseling can benefit the student in your life.

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